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United States2018-11-145bailey storyAmazing podcastThis is my favorite podcast I listen to it every week and if your a fan of ninja warrior I definitely recommend it
United States2018-09-245KimberlytodayNinja backstory in depth!!Love Ninja Warrior?? Wanna be one? Wanna know one better? Listen to these guys! They are fun to listen to and full of great and interesting backstories. This is a well done PC and one that will stay on my favs list! BTW I vote for Anna Shumaker for best break out performance FEMALE. She could be the next Jessie G... kinda look alike, too. I’m biased, I admit ;)
United States2018-09-085YoboifitzsonGreat workKeep up the good work: pls give me shoutout in next video!!! -Love, Yoboifitzson
United States2018-08-085imaadfahimuddinChfgckvftjAlways look forward to watching it every week!
United States2018-08-035Sarina2014Yes! You should listen!Rich and Bijan are so passionate about ANW. I love the insider info that comes from Bijan since he was a contestant on the show. They also cover ANW spin off shows too. It's your one stop shop for all things Ninja Warrior.
United States2018-07-145FitzDadHuge part of our weekWe love this podcast every week. These guys keep the positive of ANW, and they also have great insight and critique. We need some love for Crazy Craver on the show from Winston-Salem. Craver takes my Body Pump class on Fridays. I’ve taught him everything he knows.
United States2018-06-245LindsayOntkoNeeded this!As a ninja super fan who doesn’t know anyone else watches the show, it’s so nice to have someone else talking through the show and to see if my opinions line up with anyone else. Bijan and Rich’s energy and personalities line up so well together and it makes for an incredibly entertaining show!
United States2018-06-235kalebcadenAwesome!I love this podcast as a ninja super fan, and y’all do a great job breaking it down! I love it!!!
United States2018-06-135Poppy1946GOAT PODCASTFun podcast to watch. I’ve been watching the show since I was 7 (season 4) and I have been training since I was 8 (season 5) shout out to The Kid leading the 2nd generation of ninjas. Neither way fun listen and fun to talk with my friends with who listen to the podcast
United States2018-06-115NerdChronicBest guide to ANWOnce I found me love for American Ninja Warrior I quickly soon after found the Armchair Ninja Podcast. Rich and Bijan are not only super passionate fans of the show but they KNOW THEIR STUFF. The episodes consist of fantastic observations on both the competition and competitors that you would be hard pressed to find in a casual conversation. Their breakdowns help take you from being a fan of the show to being a fan of the community, with guest interviews, reasonable critiques and insightful commentary. If you want to gain a true appreciation for the value ANW really has, this podcast is an essential element for that.
United States2018-06-095ANW AkbarismExpert and FUN!Rich and Bijan are full of information and enthusiasm for American Ninja Warrior - so much that Bijan just competed on the show! They embody the Ninja spirit and it's so much fun to hear their show recaps and interviews with Ninjas. Highly recommended!
Ireland2018-05-275mimitronGreat anw podcastHi rich and bijan I love your podcast and binge them over and over again as a fan it’s great to hear your opinion because I’m from Ireland and I don’t have nbc
United States2018-05-265wnncoopLove it!This podcast is great! I look forward to hearing Rich and Bijan every week. They have completely different personalities that balance each other out for fun and enjoyable entertainment. They are true fans of the show, and I love hearing their reactions and opinions of all the competing ninjas. Keep on rockin it guys!
United States2018-03-115Angle Free ITGreat show, glad to find other people who love this show!I really love American Ninja Warrior, and was super happy to find another group of people that love it too! Great reviews from people also love the show and the sport!
Canada2017-07-275TheCanadianOwl98Question about Denver qualifiersRich, did Ryan Suter and the Sutter family come to mind when watching the Souter family (including Ryan Souter) and Ryan Sutter? Certainly did for me :P
United States2017-06-235Tayman47147ANW fans will love thisIf you like ninja warrior, you will love this podcast. Great recaps of episodes and current information for all things ANW. Rich and Bijan are consistent with great new content every week that is entertaining to listen to. -TwerkingNinja
United States2017-03-205Nerds With WordsLove itI love ANW and listening to this gives me great insight into things I don't pick up on! Highly recommend!!
United States2016-12-165Tight Pants NinjaLove it!I found this during the ninja off-season, because I was having withdraws and I love it! Look forward to the new episodes every week! Great for ninjas and fans of the show.
United States2016-11-225Cameron AirenNinja fans, you must listen!I always look forward to listening to these guys geek out about American Ninja Warrior and ninja warrior in general. They have some great insights, are fun, and bring on some wonderful guests. If you're a ninja fan, you must listen to these guys! What are you waiting for?
United States2016-10-265JztwinAwesome Ninja Warrior PodcastArmchair ninja is the podcast for ANW fans. Rich and Bijapur do extensive reviews of the course, runs and ninjas. They also do a great job covering the off season and the NNL. If you are a true fan of ANW and obstacle course racing you will love this podcast.
United States2016-09-235Brad10029A must listen for all ANW fans!These guys do a great job covering all things ANW, and discuss great for tidbits and context that I often miss during the shows. A must listen for any AMN fan.
United States2016-08-285KimmietooshoesBest Ninja Warrior PodcastStarted listening when it was just Rich and there was no other ninja warrior podcast. Bijan has been a great addition because he's an original Sasuke fan. And while there are other podcasts now, this one is still the best. I love that they cover the Ninja league and continue to do coverage in the offseason and I enjoyed the Sasuke 32 review, too.
United States2016-06-075Ninjas1088Ninja Podcast Power!Rich and Bijan do a great job talking about American Ninja Warrior (without giving any spoilers). We love their interview with Geoff Britten! They are entertaining, factual, and personable. Catch the Ninja Fever and tune in!
United States2016-03-165Black JewelzThe Original Ninja Warrior PodcastThis is a great podcast for any ninja warrior fan! You get to hear the latest news & insights, and feel like you're watching the show with a couple of your buddies. Another great thing is it's clean so it's safe for kids to listen to as well.
United States2015-10-155ZEUS.T.SReally great!Love ANW and this podcast does not disappoint. A must listen!
United States2015-10-135AmnesiaLabANW Fan? You're in the right place.If you're into American Ninja Warrior, this is totally the podcast for you. Have some!
United States2015-10-115SprinfieldAtomThis is exactly the show I need.This is a great show for all ninja warrior fans. As a hardcore fan this is the show I needed to be my methadone to get me through the offseason. Rich is fun and friendly and clearly a true fan.
Canada2015-10-115NinnyPepWonderfulInformative And entertaining, keep up the good work!
Canada2015-10-075kbwhitakerGreat Overview of the showIm not a loyal viewer however I like to listen and get a recap on the shows.
United States2015-10-065Dunker5309Fun showI'm a fan of niche podcasts and this one is certainly that. Fun show!
United States2015-10-065FU RadioANW fans will love thisIf you watch ANW, you need to listen to this podcast.
Canada2015-10-045J4M13MFun recaps, great interviewsThe recaps are great for pointing out stuff I missed. And the interviews are insightful and interesting!
United States2015-09-165iOSAndyGreat!This is a great podcast. I wish there were 20 ANW podcasts... But since there's only one, I'm glad it's a great one! Keep up the good work!